How InVideo Can Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel

How InVideo can easily help you create quicker and better quality videos

Making videos on YouTube has never been so easy with the text-to-speech feature in InVideo. Simply write a script, choose a template and InVideo will find stock images using AI features. They also offer over 5,000 customizable templates and AI voiceovers for your videos.

Not only does InVideo supply an amazing feature to create videos quickly, it also allows you to edit videos with ease. You no longer need to look to the professional editors, you can do it all yourself!

Many people now are starting to make loads of money producing faceless content on social media content. What you may not realize is most of these channels videos are created by using AI tools like InVideo.

A very popular niche that people are using AI to generate videos with is motivational content. Here is a example:

In this image you can see how this person used AI generated videos to grow their account

How to Make the Script

Now you may be asking, how while I write a script? Well luckily we will use another AI tool to help us. We will use a tool called ChatGPT to help us create scripts by using simple prompts.

Once you figure out what niche you will base your YouTube account around simply ask ChatGPT to write a 600 word script for a YouTube video in your niche. For example if you choose motivational content it would look something like this: Write me a 600 word script for a YouTube video using motivational quotes.

Once ChatGPT writes a script for you, find go to the dashboard on InVideo and there you will find the AI-text-to-video feature

Next choose a template that relates to the niche you picked in the earlier steps

Then put the script you made into the AI-text-to-video feature and click create scene

And just like that you have created a video to post on YouTube in less than 10 minutes. Now you may have to edit the script or the video but InVideo makes it easy as can be. Now onto the next step of actually uploading your videos onto YouTube.

How to Share your Videos:

Free version: Once you are done making your video you can share the link

Paid version: You will be able to download your video and share them across all platforms

How do You know if InVideo is right for you:

InVideo is perfect If you are a person who wants to start making content on YouTube but has no clue where to start. Not only can you post these videos you create on YouTube, but you can also post them on TikTok or Instagram reels.

InVideo’s Tools and Features:

  • Templates
  • Ai voiceover’s
  • Text to video
  • Editor
  • Stock Media

Common Questions asked:

Is InVideo Free?

Yes InVideo does have a free version, but they also have a business plan (15$) and a unlimited plan (30$)

The paid subscriptions have access to background removers, no watermark and HD video exports.

Can Anyone Use InVideo?

Yes. Anyone can use as it is one of the most beginner friendly editing app. It has simple features like drag-and-drop as well as ready-to-use and customizable templates.

Does InVideo have a Watermark?

If you are using the free version, yes. The paid plans offer no watermark for all your videos.

What is the best alternative?

A great alternative is Synthesia as it has very similar features as InVideo. The main difference is Synthesia has built-in avatars.

They also have a free trail, check it out!

Conclusion: Why InVideo can help you grow your YouTube channel

InVideo is a easy-to-use app that can help you produce trending content quickly. No YouTube channel will grow overnight, it takes time and consistency. With InVideo it can make the process so much easier as you can create high-quality content in the matter of 15 minutes.

You can use the tool for free, get the hang of it and then upgrade if you want to. If you don’t like the upgraded version? That’s totally fine, as there is a 7-day money back policy. So try it out!

How to Sign up for InVideo

First click signup now on the InVideo website

Then create your free account

Then answer the questions as following:

Once you have completed the questions, now you can choose to upgrade or stay on the free plan. (I recommend the business plan)

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